Winter School Uniform

1) School uniform, children can wear a blue or red thermal top under their polo shirt for warmth. Not a skivvy, a thermal. We have them here at school but they are cheaper at the Warehouse and Kmart.

2) They can also wear blue or red thermal leggings under their shorts or skorts. No random colours just red or blue.

3) Hoodies are not part of the school uniform. Sadly, students wear them in an intimidating way. We don’t have hoodies at school. Children can wear any jacket to school on cold mornings. We have heat pumps set at a very comfortable temperature so when children arrive at school they are asked to take their jackets off and to put them in the cloakbay. On very cold days they wear them outside at break times.

4) Beanies are fine, no gang insignia, but beanies are allowed in terms 2 and 3. The tamariki are asked to remove them while indoors, this is out of respect for cultural beliefs.

5) Gumboots are fine, we have no requirements around footwear. Slippers are fine for in-class on very cold days.

6) If you would like to order a school scarf please pop into the office to get an order form.

We must wear our school uniform with pride. Parents and caregivers, you are the last person to see how your tamariki are presented for school every morning. Please help us to keep up our great standards.

Posted: Mon 06 May 2024


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