Mr Griffin

Another exciting year ahead

Tena koe

The 2015 school year has started off with a hiss and a roar. The children have returned ready for another exciting, challenging year and our teachers are full of enthusiasm and totally driven to get as many students to National standard as possible.

We have already had our Kakano team attending Amjazz, we have had the Warriors League team at school and trips to Convita and the Museum and also a full school Insect and Animal dress up day. We have only been back at school for 5 weeks.

The children attending WHPS do have a fantastic time.

The staff are focussing on Mathematics Professional Development along with Science .We want to ensure all National Standards areas are taught at the highest possible level and we feel we can definitely make improvements to our teaching in this area. With Science we want our children to be involved in thought provoking inquiry based learning.  Science provides the perfect medium.

The staff are also involved in Te Reo Maori Professional Development with the aim of increasing out skill level to allow all classrooms to operate at level 4 Maori Medium. A big challenge ahead but an exciting one.

I love my school and can’t wait to watch our tamariki progress academically and socially over the 2015 school year.

It is all about valuing education and I know our children are ready for the challenge.

Thank you

Brent Griffin

Posted: Wednesday 25 February 2015

Author: Brent

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